PUPPIES at Gokstadhaugen:
Pictures puppies + Gallery Haugtussa + video GALLERIES 9th May 2013 11th May 2013 & 13th May 2013

NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's Jula & NUCH NJ(L)CH Båtforsens Bismark got puppies 25.4.13 3 bitches 3 males
Gokstadhaugen's EEA & Argo got puppies 30.4.13. 5 bitches 1male.
MultiCh Gokstadhaugen's Haugtussa & MultiCh Gokstadhaugen's JANUS got puppies 6.5.13 4 bitches 5 males
We expect excellent hunting dogs from all 3 litters!
Gokstadhaugen's MINNI blewas BOB and got CERT BIG BIS-2 Skien 27.4.13
Gokstadhaugen's LOTUS JR (bother of Janus) got EXC 2BHK CK res. CERT 3. Best dog

Gokstadhaugen's EEA & Argo puppies borne 30.4.13. 5 bitches 1 dog. Promising hunters!

Last year Eea had a nice promising litter sired by Birk; already shot elk for puppies from that litter during the hunt 2012 when they were very young,
but BIRK will turn 12 years old now so we prefer to use his son now.
NS J(B)CH Gokstadhaugen's Lystige Barlinn was remated to MULTI CH LOTUS owned by Guttorm Risdal, but unfortunately no puppies.
This combination gave us JANUS and LOTUS Jr. previously. Barlinn is now a veteran and retired from breeding. She was INT UCH just before she turned 8 years old.

NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JULA gave birth to 3 bitches 3 dogs Sire NUCH NJ(L)CH Båtforsens Bismark 25.4.13. Bitches 398g, 396g + 217g Dogs 428g, 448g + 424 g.
The tiny bitch had respitory trouble and didn't manage to nurish so we had to put her down.

Valper nyfødte og nesten 24 timer gamle. Mor: NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JULA Far: NUCH NJ(L)CH Båtforsens Bismark
Puppies almost 24 hrs old. Dam: NORDJV-10 JULA. Sire: DCH Båtforsens BISMARK
Simulated pedigree Jula&Bismark
NUCH NJ(L)CH Båtforsens BISMARK achieved 1. price at 4 trials in a row (L) points 90, 87 og 82+89 at 2-day trial.
In addition he only lacks a 1.pr. (B) on leash to become a huting champion in that kind of hunting - triple champion - dual hunting champion when he achieves that!
Bismark has a wonderful temperament!
NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JULA 3 CERT + 2 res. CERT - 3. pr. (B) 63 p RES. CERT 4BTK NKK BØ 24.2.13 FULLCERTED NKK Kr.sand 17.3.13 - NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JULA Exc CK 1. BKK 1.BTK CERT CACIB BEST BITCH BOS
Only she + Barlinn tisper got CK. 25 entered, only 3 dogs 2 bitches got CK 4 of these are from Gokstadhaugen.

NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JULA has 3 CERT + 2 res. CERT CACIB BIM + 63 p (B) 3. prize

Gokstadhaugen's EEA (BIM CERT CACIB + res. CERT hunting price) mated to ARGO (BIR CACIB)
Puppies 30th April? Very promising hunting dog, not entered at loose trial due to my illness last year. Simulated pedigree EEA & ARGO

Eea at left, Argo in the middle, Eea and Argo at right - when they won BOS/BOB + qualified for CRUFTS 2014. See MyDOG page in the menu.
Gokstadhaugen's BELLA after NSJ(L)CH BIRK (sire of ARGO)Gokstadhaugen's EEA HD FREE A.
Gokstadhaugen's EEA above has gained BIM CACIB Cert + res. CERT and has two hunting prices (B) 50p+68p 3rd+2nd price, and will be tried as loos hunting dog this year
Gokstadhaugen's Tuva II from her litter with Birk in 2012 has already got an approved tracking trial.
Litter sister to Tuva II: Gokstadhaugen's BELLA HD FREE A

INT UCH NS UCH NS J(B)CH NV-09 no. 2 NM(B)-11 Gokstadhaugen's HAUGTUSSA mated toINT UCH NS UCH NSJ(B)CH NORDV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JANUS
We hope for puppies around 3rd March 2013 Simulated pedigree JANUS & HAUGTUSSA

Haugtussa listens for Guttorm's car with Janus 1st March... Minuts after their arrival the job was done... New trip to Janus 3rd March. Hope for puppies around 3rd May 2013.

Barlinn and old MultiCh Lotus didn't succeed this last time...
Alas no puppies the third time we tried to mate MultiCh Lotus and INT UCH NSJ(B)CH Gokstadhaugen's Lystige Barlinn. She is retired from breeding after having had 4 litters.

MultiCh Lotus 2011 til v. + INT UCH NS J(B)CH Gokstadhaugen's Lystige Barlinn (Cert, CACIB, BIM NKK Bergen BOB CACIB CERT MyDog 5.1.13+Exc 2CHKK CK NKK Bø)Bø + NKK Kr.sand 17.3.13 +

INTUCH NSUCH NSJ(B)CH NORDV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JANUS & INT UCH NS UCH NSJ(B)CH NV-09 nr.2 NM B-2011 Gokstadhaugen's Haugtussa

Their FIRST LITTER gave very skilled and excellent hunting dogs - examples are
Gokstadhaugen's Mikkie who already has achieved 1. pr. (L) 79p, 1. pr. (B) 77p + 1.pr. 83p Exc at Årnes 2nd March for judge Arild Berget.
SE VCH Gokstadhaugen's Katla and
the skilled and nice
Litter sister Gokstadhaugen's TIRA owned by Melinda Frigstad had los and elk shot when she was 6,5 months old hunt 2011, and also prooved excellent on leash.
far til NSJ(B)CH Gokstadhaugen's Lystige Barlinn
er den dyktige NSJ(L)CH Birk som vant Fritzøeprøven 2006 med 94,5+83 p

PUPPIES at other breeders
Puppies ready for delivery from 8th March - ONLY 2 left now! Breeder: Ellen & Knut Rusvik.
From excellent bloodlines - hunting dogs - lose - helding elk at bay. See add here: 2 males 4 bitches Dam: Elgheias Rikki Sire:Veikulåsens Nikson

NJ(B)CH Phoebe was mated to MultiCh JANUS 11.2. + 13.2.13. Puppies borne at breeder Rune Pettersen 14.4.13
3 bitches 1 male. All sold! Simulated pedigree

NJ(B)CH Phoebe achieved her hunting championship just 2 years old. Owner Rune Pettersen Trial results 1 og 2
Pics of Phoebe below. BEST at the club trial + BEST SETSKOG trial 2011 + BEST at the 2-day trial at Nord-Odalen 2012 80 p + 1 pr. 90 p totally 170 p 1 pr.


INT UCH NS UCH NSJ(B)CH NORDV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JANUS 12xBIS 7x2.BIS 95p hunting trial & NJ(B)CH SHIBA BIS Salten 2 CERT) Jaktch at 4 1.pr. at a row!

Gokstadhaugen's MIKKIEPrinsesse SINA 2 puppies - one died 1 male left which the breeder keeps
Prinsesse Sina has 1. pr. (L). Mikkie has 1. pr. (L) 79p, 1. pr. (B) 77p and a a NEW 1.pr. 83p (L)
1 nice dog born 20.1.13. "Rampete Robin" Breeder keeps the puppy. MIKKIE is son of MultiCH Janus & MultiCH Haugtussa Simulated Pedigree.