Gokstadhaugen breeding 2005-2022.
Gokstadhaugen Elkhounds bought our first brood bitch and first stud dog in 2001, and two
additional ones in 2002.
From these four dogs + 4 studs owned by other people we have bred 18 litters and Birk has

sired 3 litters bred by other people. Last litters were borne April+May 2013.
13 hunting championships (11 (B)+2 (L)) 4 show championtitles 2 Winner titles on 7 of
our own dogs in 7 years + 3 show championships +
and TWO additional hunting Ch + 3 MORE SHOW championship with me as handler at
HUNTING TRIALS in 2011/12/13 + NORDV-10 for
INT UCH NSUCH NS J(B)CH NORDV-10 Gokstadhaugen's Janus when he got 1st price
at a trial in Sweden 26.9.12 and he then became SJ(Le)Ch + SUCH (owned by Guttorm
Risdal) with 95 points on his last trial + more hunting prices for other dogs when we
owned them (G. Svipp + G. Leela). 1 N VCH Gokstadhaugen's TRYM 2013, 2 S VCH in.
in Sweden - S VCH Gokstadhaugen's Katla and S VCH Gokstadhaugen's TUVA II.
"Bella" has hunting prices (L) in addition to her NSJ(B)CH. Puppy buyers have gained
hunting prices for several and NJ(L)CH Gokstadhaugen's Lune Bork has won much in
the show ring - several BIS-placements puppy+adult. Several others has won BIS at puppy
shows + at adult shows. Janus was 2nd best Elkhound at shows Norway 2011.
He has won 12xBest in Show + 7x2nd Best in Show.
INT UCH NSUCH NSJ(B)CH NV-09 Haugtussa was 2nd best at NM Bandhund 2011.
We've participated with nice placement at 4 Norwegian Masterships bandhund, "Bella"
won Engerdal trial 2004 92 points, NSJ(L)CH Birk won Fritzøeprøven 2006 94,5+83points.
NORDV-10 Gokstadhaugen's Jula has 1 Certificate, "Barlinn" has Cert+CACIB, 2x90, 1x89p
at trials, NSJ(B)CH Trym had 3 Certs 2 res. CACIBs, NSJ(B)CH Linnea has a CACIB,
youngest dog with hunting prize at several shows, BIS placement for Haugtussa as a
puppy + adult. Winners at Telemark show - BEST IN SHOW 3 years in a row to
Gokstadhaugen, Haugtussa as a puppy in 2008, adult 2009, Janus 2010 and 2011.

In 2013 Jula became NUCH so she is now NUCH NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JULA 1. price 80 points at a hunting trial at Engeral - best 2nd day, 3rd best overall both days. Best dog 1st day and overall was MultiCh Gokstadhaugen's YR who became hunting champion that day. Daughter of Jula - Gokstadhaugen's Saga borne 5.2.12 won 1st price 80 points (B) at Hølonda 2013. Dogs from our breeding also did well: NJ(L)CH Gokstadhaugen's Mikkie (who also has a 1st price (B) - sired by Janus dam Haugtussa). His litter sister "TIRA" got 1st price (L) 89,5 + another 1st price 88,5p (L) in 2013. If weather conditions allow it she will try to fulfil her title as a NJ(L)CH by entering a 2-day trial 24-25th January 2014. Time will show if she succeeds. Gokstadhaugen's LOTUS JR. got 83p 1st price (B) at Setskog-trial and was second best at that trial - a set trial.. Gokstadhaugen's HJ-SVIPP won BIS puppy at Morokulien. He is from the last litter from Janus & Haugtussa
Gokstadhaugen Kennel fikk sine første avls- og jakthunder i 2001.
13 jaktch på 7 egne hunder på 7 år, og flere etter det + NV-09, INT UCH DCH NORDV-10 Gokstadhaugen's JANUS, NORDJV-10, nr.2 NM(B) fl. jaktpr. L+B + 2 hunder INT UCH. Haugtussas og Janus' titler fra utstillingsringen. Mange med CK, flere med Cert og eller CACIB. Det er oppdrettet 18 kull her. Siste kull ble født i april og mai 2013. First litter 02.02.05 - Last litter 06.05.13 - 7 years of successful breeding so far. If you want anything from these lines - use the stud Lotus jr. or Argo when still available. You are way too late to use Lotus jr's older brother, the gorgeous Multich JANUS, who are gone now, so all who wanted to use him have lost that special oportunity. Birk is 12 years so use his nice son Argo if you want to have blood from these excellent lines and Lotus Jr. who has the same genotype as JANUS both in temperament, hunting skills and behaviour and much the same exterior - very like Janus. Not all puppies in his litter looks so much like Janus as Lotus jr. does. Not many of our puppy buyers bother to breed, and we don't know how long we'll be able to have further breeding so within short Gokstadhaugen dogs will be history for ever. TAKK til alle som har kjøpt valp her og takk til de som har startet på jaktprøver og utstilling. Oppnådde resultater, kull, Gallerier & SLIDESHOW via menyen! - I 2013 Jula ble NUCH NORDJV-10 Gokstadhaugen's Jula da hun fikk 1. pr. 80 p på Engerdalsprøva - best dag 2, 3. best begge dager. Vinner av prøven ble MultiCh Gokstadhaugen's YR som også ble bandhundch den dagen 86 p 1. pr. Datter til Jula - Gokstadhaugen's Saga fikk 1. pr. 80 p 5 dager etter. I 2013 gjorde andre hunder fra Gokstadhaugen det også bra: NJ(L)CH Gokstadhaugen's Mikkie etter Janus og Haugtussa. Kullsøsteren TIRA fikk 1. pr. (L) 89,5 + 1. pr. (L) 88,5 p. Gokstadhaugen's HJ-SVIPP ble BIS Valp på Morokulien.
More than 1000 Viking items found at HEIMDAL just a few meters from our property at Heimdal:
http://www.sb.no/kultur/ny-vikingbat-fra-800-tallet-funnet - http://www.sb.no/nyheter/savner-et-monument-1.7462706 - http://www.sb.no/nyheter/vi-kan-med-sikkerhet-sla-fast-at-dette-er-en-ny-kaupang-1.7234183
- http://www.sb.no/nyheter/stort-vikingfunn-pa-heimdal-1.7120722
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