Bella 4.12.12
and 2.12.12
rolling in the snow
We lost our dear Bella 4.12.12
She bled much 14 days ago and we believed it was her period. The bleeding stopped, but started again. In addition a huge tumor popped out in a few hours. The bleeding was worse and worse every second and she was very, very weak. We could do nothing for her. She was too weak to survive any surgery. Even though se was very weak she waived her tail when the vet and I gave her titbits. We had to let her go.
We miss her so much!
I'll forever be grateful to this lovely and intelligent elkhound. She learned me bandhund hunting - showed me how an excellent bandhund should be - and she was also excellent off leash. We'll remember all the good times we've had with her - and are so lucky to have two of her daughters, a grand daughter and a grandgrand daughter. Her genes and her intelligence is inherited in these bitches.
Bella will never be forgotten.
We know this is life - we've none to loose anyway...