This little active and healthy borne puppy was stuck to the umbilical cord and the placenta at least 30 minutes. I wanted to let Haugtussa fix this herself
Due to her very weak contractions the placenta didn't come out. After 30 minutes I tried to get the placenta out. I shouldn't have done that because Haugtussa then wanted to fix it herself and she was a bit too rough. Then the intestines came out. I wasn't quite sure so I phoned the vet - sent her pictures and she agreed what I was afraid of had happened. Due to this unfortunate little puppy and
beacuse Haugtussa had very weak contracitons I drove off to the vet. When the veterinarian Linn Stentun saw the little puppy she said it was too much outside and it was impossible to save the puppy so we had to let her go. My faulth! I could have cut the cord and then saved her. A hard lesson for me! - Still alive on the first two pics - when I phoned the vet. The other ones at the clinique :(